Thursday, November 3, 2011

A day late and a dollar short....

.... as always... Lol, I'm so glad I didn't promise more cool Halloween pics cuz I had a feeling I'd slack as usual! Hope everyone had a great Halloween anyways!!

Well on another note... I just made my 1000th post on the officials!! Woo Hoo!! Why does that make me so happy? I must have a serious issue lol, Lord knows I've long surpassed that on many other forums... Maybe it's because I managed to do it without getting banned, not even one temp ban! That's a first for me! (Knock on wood) Seriously, Sim forums are the only forums I have never had a ban on, weird.... Here's the party thread on the officials although it won't be much of a party lol...

One more thing, a happy shout out to everyone at Simstopia for the forum awards nominations and wins, you all made me feel special so thanks so much!!

See ya'll soon!

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