Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Nope, don't want it...

I love Lazy Game Reviews! They always say it like it is... From what I've seen, read and heard I am soooo going to pass on this stuff pack! And who's bright idea was the sleep mask anyway? Well I guess it's not a bad idea to hide the ugly EA made sims that pop up in CAS right? The best part is the plug for Mod the Sims! As EA get lazier and greedier the amazing community of CC creators get better and better, they really should take a closer look at some of them and learn something about their own game and what thier players/ customers want... Sheesh, when does the fail stop!?!

No offense to any of you who have purchased or like this stuff pack, it's just one simmers opinion...Smileys

Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Anniversary!!

I ADORE my Hubby and today we are celebrating 14 wonderful years together!! Looking forward to the rest of my life with you babe! I love you!!

(Technically our anniverary was on the 21st but had to wait until today to celebrate)

Sunday, January 22, 2012


STOP IT PACO!!! xD is not the best smiley!
This is ----->>> Smileys


TS3 vs. FB...

So The Sims 3 website wants to be like Facebook huh?

Yeah, good luck with that!

     Personally I don't have issue with the changes... except that we will no longer be able to customize our pages... And as long as some security features that WORK are implemented I'm ok with it... Being the social network addict that I am this aspect doesn't bother me at all...  What does bother me is that once again EA is not listening to their customers, the majority of Simmers that use the site have stated loud and clear that they don't want these changes! Hell even Facebook does polls and a little research before making final changes, typically they don't listen either but at least they let us believe they want our opinions, Facebook also will usually give us the option to change immediately or let us take time to get used to the idea before changing. All in all it's not such a big deal to me because I rarely even see my page as it is... As for those of that hate the idea of these changes I do understand and I hope there is some sort of compromise for you but I wouldn't hold my breath, it is EA after all....
Smileys<---- EA considering customer feedback....

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mah Casino!

Finally got my little casino page up and running! Now take a gamble will ya? Come on, you know you want to!! Hehehe! Still looking for a Craps game but I think you'll enjoy what I have so far... Check it out HERE !!       

Did I mention it's all free and just for fun???

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Amazing Paco!!

Just wanted to share this by Paco1200, it is only the best Sims 3 machinima I think I have seen yet!!

S&M by Rihanna, Sims 3 style!


I can't take it anymore! I am officially avoiding the officials! They are just out of control right now, usually I ignore most things but with recent events and everyone being so upset (rightfully so!) the  fun has just been sucked right out of it... So if you see me lurking around the other wonderful forums out there it's because I NEED a drama free zone to play and chat with my fellow simmers and the officials are just not the place for the time being... Doesn't mean I won't lurk because *sigh* I can't help it lol but I am really going to try and stay away for a bit, just until the drama dies down some... Don't get me wrong, I'm just as upset as everyone else, it's just that I play this game to escape drama and have some mindless fun, hard to do when you get so frustrated reading about how useless EA has been lately (lately? Pffft, for at least a year!)... The worst part for me is biting my tongue (so to speak) when stupid people are to blind to understand why people are so upset! Anyways since this is my own personal drama free area I won't get into details or say what I'm really thinking, instead I am going to start my game up and get out of my own head for awhile...

Friday, January 13, 2012

Ooops! I forgot!

I just realized I forgot to update you all on my re- install progress and results! Sorry about that! Well it worked, I still have a little lag but I can live with it and my game is now playable again sadly I pretty much lost everything (CC and saves) so I'm starting over after a years worth of play... I'm just at a complete loss as to what to do with a fresh new game, I have no idea where to start! Ok, I lie... I do have one idea but I'm just not sure yet... The idea is a 30 day photo challenge, basically it's trying to re- create photos of real life happenings Sim style, it looks like fun but time consuming so I have to think about it and decide if I want to commit myself to such a project... I guess we'll see!

PS: I know I still owe you all one more confession, I really thought I'd be done by now but my procrastinative nature gets the best of me at times, just want to let everyone know I didn't forget!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Critters are like family....

You wouldn't do this to your family would you? Why do it to a helpless animal? 

My husband and kids still haven't been adopted! They only have until tomorrow afternoon to find them their new home. After that, they'll go to the shelter and we all know what happens there.

I'm really doing what's best for all of them. 2 weeks ago I brought a new boyfriend home. Apparently, my boyfriend and husband don't get along at all. They do nothing but fight and I'm afraid someone is going to get hurt! So I've decided to keep my cute, new boyfriend and place my older husband with a new family.

As to the kids, I just found out I'm allergic to them. I've only been around them for 18+ yrs, but all of the sudden, I'm allergic. They are giving me headaches so they'll need to go.

My boyfriend and I are going to start a new family someday soon. I'm not allergic to babies, just the teenagers I already have. Besides, the new house I rented is too small for everyone, there's just enough room for me and my boyfriend.

One woman was interested in adopting my daughter, but she said if she paid the entire adoption fee (which includes braces and contact lenses), she wouldn't have any money left to buy new toys for her.

My youngest son was almost adopted too, but they found out he digs holes in the yard, bangs against the fence and makes lots of noise when you leave him alone for more than 12 hrs. They decided not to take him.

Don't worry about me, I'll be alright. I know I'm doing what's best for everyone. I'm going to be doing lots of traveling and it just wouldn't be fair to keep my current family. I just don't have enough time to spend with them.

Please, please,please adopt my husband and kids before they go to the shelter! You'll really love them a lot.

PS Don't criticize me. I couldn't possibly rent the house with the old carpet that was big enough and would allow the rest of my family, the tan carpet really doesn't go well with my furniture.

I could never give up my new boyfriend either. He's just too cute and I want to keep him for myself! He's much more fun than my old husband is.

I could never think of anyone or anything else EXCEPT MYSELF!!

Sadly that's how poor homeless animals get homeless to begin with.... Not to preach but please do your part!

Good luck with that...

Sorry Julia526, I really don't mean anything bad but I have to say *sigh* not another one....

I mean how many sim forums do we need? And now we want them to be kiddie friendly and drama free!?! Not going to happen.... Need proof? Here's why...

There is one on every forum (if you don't know what I mean then you don't get around much lol)... This one will be no different, I could be wrong and I hope I am so good luck and I really do hope you do well... 

Friday, January 6, 2012

First post of 2012!!!

       And sadly it's a whining, bitching, pissed off post! Why? Because my game is broken!! I know I've been lucky for over a year now and had no issues until recently so I guess I can't complain to much but I will anyway, grrr!!! It all started with the latest patch, as soon as I updated my game I ended up with major lag, lag, lag! Got that fixed by turning advanced rendering off (Thanks Brunettesimgirl!), but then I got Pets for Christmas... Thinking ok YAY I install, that's when the issues made my game pretty much unplayable... First I go into CAS and notice my critters had black faces, no big deal I'll just turn AR back on, fixes black face issue...Yay again right? Sooo NOT!!! Now I can't play at all unless I am willing to wait 3 real life hours for my sim to use the toilet...  The lag is just to much, I have tried everything except a complete re- install and I do mean everything! Updated graphics card, removed all mods and CC as well as all store items, cleaned all caches, reset entire game, blah blah blah, this worked for about a day (and I lost a TON of stuff in the process!) but then the serious lag returned... My computer far exceeds all system requirements for the base games as well as all the EP's & SP's and I keep it cleaned and optimized so it's not my computer. I really don't want to re- install but I'm at the point where I don't know what else to do, I hate that I have a years worth of game play that I will most likely lose but maybe a fresh game for a new year isn't such a bad thing, it will also give me an excuse to go CC shopping again lol... Ok, I'm done whining now, just had to vent, now I go and begin the tedious and annoying process of a complete re- install, hope it doesn't take very long and it better freaking work!!!!
computer Smileys Smileys computer Smileys