Monday, November 14, 2011

I did it!!

After trying and trying I finally got my siggy to work! Right now I'm not completely happy with it but it will work for now... It worked on Internet Explorer of all things! I hate IE, it's slow, slow, slow! Now of course that isn't the end of my frustrations... My launcher decides it doesn't want to work now, get it to work and BOOM my games crashes with out saving of course, so there goes 3 hours of game play... I'm so done ranting now lol! Time to take a break and live a couple of days in the real world... In the meantime have a look at my very first You Tube video...

It's just a trial vid but it's cute, the next one will be super funny! Can't wait to get it uploaded! Enjoy and see ya soon!


  1. I HATE IE!!! My bf uses IE on our laptop, and it drives me nuts only because he leaves the window open when he closes the laptop (we never shut the laptop down...we just have it on "sleep" when we're not using it), and when I go to open it back up makes the processor run harder and then the computer runs slow for about the first 10 minutes. So I have been trying to drill it in his head to close IE out when he is done with the computer. That and shutting the mouse off (yes, "shutting the mouse off"--he picked it, and it's turning out to be more of a hassle than anything has a sliding switch on the underside that you have to slide shut to save it using the batteries, and when he doesn't, it uses the batteries constantly and then we're changing the batteries in it every other week) are like pulling teeth! lol!

    This is why I want two computers...

    I thought I saw that video on your youtube channel this morning. Too cute! What kind of dog is Eddie? Maltese?

  2. Ha ha! That sounds just like my hubby! He's stubborn and set in his ways and absolutely refuses to use another browser... Men!!

    Eddie is a Shih Tzu, he's not even mine lol, he's a little guy I doggy sit, he is the oddest little fellow ever! Usually he sits in a corner and stares at the wall...