Friday, January 6, 2012

First post of 2012!!!

       And sadly it's a whining, bitching, pissed off post! Why? Because my game is broken!! I know I've been lucky for over a year now and had no issues until recently so I guess I can't complain to much but I will anyway, grrr!!! It all started with the latest patch, as soon as I updated my game I ended up with major lag, lag, lag! Got that fixed by turning advanced rendering off (Thanks Brunettesimgirl!), but then I got Pets for Christmas... Thinking ok YAY I install, that's when the issues made my game pretty much unplayable... First I go into CAS and notice my critters had black faces, no big deal I'll just turn AR back on, fixes black face issue...Yay again right? Sooo NOT!!! Now I can't play at all unless I am willing to wait 3 real life hours for my sim to use the toilet...  The lag is just to much, I have tried everything except a complete re- install and I do mean everything! Updated graphics card, removed all mods and CC as well as all store items, cleaned all caches, reset entire game, blah blah blah, this worked for about a day (and I lost a TON of stuff in the process!) but then the serious lag returned... My computer far exceeds all system requirements for the base games as well as all the EP's & SP's and I keep it cleaned and optimized so it's not my computer. I really don't want to re- install but I'm at the point where I don't know what else to do, I hate that I have a years worth of game play that I will most likely lose but maybe a fresh game for a new year isn't such a bad thing, it will also give me an excuse to go CC shopping again lol... Ok, I'm done whining now, just had to vent, now I go and begin the tedious and annoying process of a complete re- install, hope it doesn't take very long and it better freaking work!!!!
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