Monday, October 22, 2012

MIA Yet Again....

Just stopping by to let the world know that I'm super busy! I soooo want to play my Sims but just don't have time...  I think I may have burned out a little too, what with the release of Supernatural AND SEASONS!! I mean that's double PEPS!! How am i supposed to handle that/ Why, quit playing for a while of course! It's not like i can afford that or anything, ya know? BTW, Thanks EA for your recent blunder  (am I too obvious?) I finally got my first stuff pack, Master Suite (and why? Because that's what hit me at the moment,I don't do well under pressure, lol)!! Can't wait to try te new sleeping facemask (enter sarcasm here)!! Anyhow, I guess what I'm trying to say is that one has to chose real life vs. Sims overload and I've chosen real life for now.... Christmas is coming hehehehehe!!!

P.S. I'm lurking the officials and I'll see you before Halloween!

P.P.S. i do have some killer nail art pics (maybe even how to's) and I I hope to post them soon in my new tab up at top, I think I'll call it... Kute Klaws... or no wait!.... Katz Klaws... Ahh o, that's lame.... Any ideas? I have a bad nail habit and I need a name, anything? Anyone?

OK, see ya soon!

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