Monday, December 19, 2011

Confessions of a Simaholic... #6

Hmmm... these get harder as I go....

Simmer confession #6: I'm starting to change my mind about fantasy sims (ya, I know, already?)... Well winged sims anyway... I find that I am really enjoying creating angel and fairy sims, they are just so pretty! It's also quite funny to watch them do the normal things with these big wings on their back, like driving a car (Batmobile!), or sleeping, even swimming and working out! It's sooo funny!! I'm sure it's just a phase and it might have something to do with Christmas, seems all I've made so far is Christmas/ Holiday themed winged ones... Did I mention how pretty I think they are?

Real life confession #6: I pretty much hate to shop! Especially grocery shopping or any that has to be done at Walmart, I seriously loathe that store with a passion! I'm really not your typical woman when it comes to shopping, the lines , the snotty employees, disorganized racks of stuff I don't want or even like, screaming kids who are out of control, spending money I don't have.... The whole things just gets on my nerves... If it was up to me I'd order everything online and call in take- out or delivery to eat every night, I should have been around back in the days of bag boys bringing your order from the market and milk men lol.... There are times when I do enjoy getting together with the girls and doing a tiny bit of shopping but I would rather go out for lunch and cocktails by the pool any day!! After spending so much time shopping lately I knew I had to post this confession, I'm just about done with my Christmas shopping finally and I feel like I must have gained a few gray hairs, I just know my nerves and maybe a few brain cells have been damaged for life!

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