Saturday, December 24, 2011

Confessions of a Simaholic... #8

Only 2 more to go after this!!

Simmer Confession #8: I have only played one pre-made sim in TS3... I used to play all the pre- mades in TS2, I loved the Broke family but they don't interest me in TS3... Anyhow, I adore Judy Bunch! I know most simmers pick on her but I think she's adorable! I like that she's not a "Barbie Doll" sim, she adds character to the game, a little realism... She's also the cutest elder! I don't give her a makeover either, I like her just the way she is, I do change her clothes but I do that with all sims, my sims change a lot, I don't wear the same thing all the time so why should they? Lol, here's a few pics of my fave pre- made..

Her ugly Christmas sweater...

Stylin' it in her fancy formal wear.....

Blowing kisses in her workout wear (Yes, she does workout :P)

Super hot in her night clothes! 

Sexy in swim wear!!

Ok, this random EA  fashion sense does scare me!

Real Life Confession #8: I am madly in love with my critters!!! I'm not kidding! I just love them so much! All of them are seniors and I'm dreading the day when I lose any of them but I do have a favorite.... Her name is Zina and she's a long haired, party color Chihuahua, she is a very special little dog, she's my little road dog, she goes everywhere with me, she has been on every vacation I've been on since I got her and has even gone grocery shopping with me (in her little bag so no one would know lol)... She is 9 years old now and still acts like a puppy, I call her my forever puppy because she still looks like a puppy too and everybody thinks she's a little Lab pup or Border Collie pup when they first see her...

Don't mess with her when she's sleeping!!!

 I also have Lucy, the sweetest little stray on the planet!! She was found wondering the streets so we took her in, named after Lucille Ball because she is super silly, clumsy and NOISY!! She is a 7 year old Schnauzer/ Jack Russel Terrier mix as far as we can tell, my little terrierist! 

Then there's 3 cats... Leggo Kitty, my forum namesake, he's the oldest of the clan at 14 years old... He is still super healthy and playful, hard to believe he's so old... You can read about how he got his name and all about him here

Minx, is my little Siamese, my Paracat I call her because she likes to ride on my shoulders, she's a very small little cat, she is 12 years old and sleeps a lot but she is very sweet and still playful, she certainly  has the Siamese meow, no problem "telling" me when she wants something! She doesn't like people (except me her Mamma) so she hides whenever anyone comes over, most people don't even know I have her... She very camera shy so I don't have any pics of her... To bad because she is a beautiful cat!

Last but not least is Nemo, he is the baby of the bunch at 6 years old, he is the strangest cat I've ever had, probably because he was raised with/ by the dogs, when someone rings the doorbell he comes running and "barking" at the door with the dogs! It's the funniest thing ever! He has such an attitude with a sense of humor, I don't even know how to describe him, the pics pretty much capture the "tude" lol...

I'm super happy to introduce you to my critter family, they mean the world to me and you'll be seeing lot's more of them!!

animals Smileys
I secretly want a pet skunk!!!

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