Friday, December 16, 2011

Wait, what???

K so I've been on a bit of a gifting spree lately (it's Christmas!), a bit earlier I noticed that I had a message saying I had 4 gifts, I though that was kind of odd in itself, I've never gotten 4 gifts at one time but I figured some one was probably just returning the favor... So I click on the gift page and this is what I see...

Ummm ok? Thinking no big deal, it must have been an error right? Then I decide to click on the gifters page and see this...

I just thought the whole thing was really weird,  no gift but there is a message (congratulations for what? And not just once but 4 times!), it's in the gift section which I know can only be accessed through sending a gift or by an EA representative, a page that says "simguru" ( I know that doesn't mean anything), the so called "guru" has no games registered, no friends,  an empty studio and and nothing written anywhere on their page, the only thing I did notice was that they have a few badges and stickers that have been gifted to them, just totally odd.....  Why does the strange stuff seem to follow me around? Now I'll be super leery of any gifts I get in the future, I'm just not sure what to make of this... I tell ya them forums bring out the paranoia in me! 

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