Friday, January 13, 2012

Ooops! I forgot!

I just realized I forgot to update you all on my re- install progress and results! Sorry about that! Well it worked, I still have a little lag but I can live with it and my game is now playable again sadly I pretty much lost everything (CC and saves) so I'm starting over after a years worth of play... I'm just at a complete loss as to what to do with a fresh new game, I have no idea where to start! Ok, I lie... I do have one idea but I'm just not sure yet... The idea is a 30 day photo challenge, basically it's trying to re- create photos of real life happenings Sim style, it looks like fun but time consuming so I have to think about it and decide if I want to commit myself to such a project... I guess we'll see!

PS: I know I still owe you all one more confession, I really thought I'd be done by now but my procrastinative nature gets the best of me at times, just want to let everyone know I didn't forget!

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