Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Confessions of a Simaholic...

 I saw this on Facebook and thought hey why not, I know it's old but I haven't done it yet so...

Here's how it works: For the next few days I will post a Simmer confession and a real life confession, until I reach a total of ten confession posts. I have not planned out what I'm going to confess so ya never know what random thing will pop in my head... This should be interesting, here we go!

Simmer confession #1: I probably spend more time talking and bitching about the game than I do actually playing it... Between Facebook, forums, blogs, CC hunting/ downloading and fixing my my game, I'm too busy to actually play!!
Me ------------------>>> computer Smileys chatting, lurking, reading LOL....

Real Life Confession #1 I don't actually type even though I've worked in an office environment for 10+ years.. and I am an internet addict lol, I just never learned how, I took a class and found that I have the same rhythm for typing as I do dancing, none! I do fake it very well and can unofficially type 30wpm so I'm no worse for it... I love my computer he he he... I get lot's of practice!

computer Smileys

And that concludes Confessions of a Simaholic Post #1... See ya soon!

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