Friday, December 2, 2011

Confessions of a Simaholic... #3

 Here we go again and I'm in a mod... Hmmm, what shall I confess? Ohhh, I know!!

Simmer Confession #3: I have a secret Simself (Yes, I know I've said I don't, I lied hehehe), she's not like a real simself but an alter ego one might say (younger, thinner blah blah).. I do all the things with her I would never do myself, like hitting the clubs and partying all night, flirting with strange hot guys, drinking to much (I would never! Uh huh...), getting into fights (so not me!) but best of all she loves to get up on the counter and dance under the stars for hours and hours! Here's a peek at her but I doubt I will ever upload her to the exchange or anything, she's for me to play in secret lol...

Real Life Confession #3: I have a crush! Seriously the biggest crush ever! On Rob Thomas from Matchbox 20... I know he's not the best looking guy but there is just something about him that makes me go Hmmm, yeah! Maybe it's just that I find his voice sexy I don't know but whatever it is I'll take! Especially when he does this song... 

  Meow! Feel a little cougar coming out... Wait I'm only a year older than him!  Purrrr.... 
love Smileys
Okay, drool session over, tolds ya I was in a mood! 

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